H L R  G R O U P


At HLR Group, we strongly believe that investments and humanitarian efforts are not mutually exclusive. Our mission is to invest in organizations that we believe can and will make a positive effect in the world, whether that effect be humanitarian, environmental, or other.

In alignment with our investment philosophy and goals, more than 10% of our holdings are invested in humanitarian or philanthropic organizations. HLR Community has worked with over twenty-five local businesses in a variety of functions. In addition to direct start-up capital invested in new/restructuring small businesses, HLR has given direct donations to non-profit organizations in three cities. We have donated thousands of dollars to local benefactors, including food banks, shelters, and children's services.

As our firm grows, we pledge to expand our support for low-income communities, and we are enthusiastic in our long-term goal of extending our influence abroad, where we can cultivate greater economic development in some of the countless poverty-stricken regions in the world.

Join in on the effort...